Swift Professional Audio can provide the following services:

Digital Audio Editing / Post Production
Equipped with the latest version of SADiE from Prism Sound, the Lightworks video-editing suite, Reaper DAW, and an extensive collection of sound effects and plug-ins, complex projects can be undertaken for Radio, Podcast or video / digital film productions. Andy has been editing regularly with SADiE for over 15 years, creating Features, Dramas and Music programmes for National broadcasts. Audio Drama is a particular speciality, and his track record includes overseeing the recording and post-production of over 1200 episodes of the BBC Asian Network’s “Silver Street”, as well as many other radio plays and episodes of the prestigious Radio 4 show “The Archers”.

Location Sound Recording
With a range of state of the art recording equipment and years of experience in capturing high quality location sound, Andy can be relied upon to deliver excellent results whatever the circumstances. If additional kit is required, or if you have particular requirements, the cost of providing this will be agreed in advance of the booking and included in the quoted rate.

Outside Broadcast Sound Operations
Andy has worked on a variety of Outside Broadcasts, including Sports, Music and Light Entertainment genres, and is available for bookings as a member of an Outside Broadcast crew.

TV and Radio Studio Mixing
Andy has mixed the sound for countless broadcast programmes, both live and pre-recorded, and works calmly and effectively under pressure, striving always to deliver the best possible quality for the listener.

Andy has successfully trained many colleagues, both technical and non-technical, in various areas of audio work including audio editing, location recording, and studio recording and mixing. With his engineering background, he has a detailed understanding of the principles behind current audio technology as well as a long track record of putting this knowledge into practice. He is a clear and patient communicator, able to convey ideas in a form appropriate to the listener, and enjoys all kinds of teaching, from small-scale practical sessions to lecture-style presentations for larger groups.

If you have another type of project requiring high quality audio, or one which would require a number of staff to deliver, please contact SPA to discuss it. With a large network of contacts in the industry, Andy is happy to recommend trusted fellow professionals (such as other sound engineers, video editors, Drama directors) or assemble a team suited to your needs.